Andrew and Amy Vaughan Fellowship                                                                  Andrew T. and Jane S. Walter Fund
Ann and Gordon Getty Foundation
Bayard F. Ennis Fund
Bernard H. and Blanche E. Jacobson Foundation

CAMB Fund                                                                                                        Catherine S. and Andrew L. Blair Fund
Cecil I. Walker Charitable Trust
Charleston Symphony Orchestra Endowment Fund
Daywood Foundation                                                                                                    Dr. James Dunphy Memorial Scholarship Fund
Henry Louis Wehrle, Jr. Memorial Fund
Herscher Foundation
James and Ruth Kessler Fund
James H. Walker Endowment Fund
Philip A. Herscher Fund
Ratrie Fund
The Katharine B. Tierney Charitable Foundation                                                        West Virginia Department of Education and the Arts
West Virginia Neighborhood Investment Tax Credit Program
West Virginia Symphony Orchestra – McClaugherty Conductor’s Podium Endowment Fund
West Virginia Symphony Orchestra Permanent Endowment Fund